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Professional Eldercare Planner

Eldercare Planner Sandra Dee

My journey, shaped by years of experience owning an In-home support care company, a career in retirement living, and my role as a daughter supporting aging parents with their health challenges, has led me to this next chapter. It is a deliberate choice, driven by a desire to utilize my expertise and insights to help others achieve the best quality of life.

As an Professional Eldercare Planner specializing in caregiver support, senior living and navigating the complexities of aging, I look forward to supporting and  educating you about the options in your community.

Life gets busy, especially for baby boomers balancing parents, kids, and grandkids. Even Gen X and Millennials find themselves helping parents during emergencies. It can be stressful and time-consuming when you're unsure where to start or how to find family support and care.

Being part of and contributing to both family and community are significant to me. The satisfaction I obtain from assisting in problem-solving, navigating, providing guidance, and offering education during challenging situations, and actively participating in finding positive solutions is truly fulfilling.


Port Hope Rotary Club,  Northumberland Elder Abuse Resource Network (NEARN)Port Hope & District Chamber of Commerce. 

Educational Presentations 

If your workplace or community group is interested in learning more about how Eldercare Planners can support older adults and families, please contact Sandra at 905-242-5322 or


 Sandra Dee's Mission
To provide peace of mind results that will give older adults and family clarity, as they begin the journey into the retirement and senior care industry.

"Sandra answered not only my sisters and my questions but patiently went over all of my fathers concerns and issues he had about this move as well.
She made all three of us feel comfortable and at ease with our decision."

Age-Friendly Business Alliance
Port Hope Rotary Service Above Self
Port Hope Chamber of Commerce
Eldercare Planners of Canada
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