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Welcome, Let me tell you a little about myself.

Eldercare Planner Sandra Dee

 Hello, I'm Sandra Dee

With the experience that I've gained from owning a home-care business, a career in the retirement industry and supporting my parents, I am prepared and look forward to my next journey in life as a Eldercare Planner. There are ECP's all across Canada.

We are all aware that life is busy. Many baby boomers are involved with their parents, children and grandchildren, often helping with whatever situation pops up. Even the Gen X generation is being called upon to help with their parents when an emergency occurs. It is stressful when you're not sure where to begin your search or to find support and care that is required for your family.

I always say aging gracefully is about being active, moving your body everyday and continuing to challenge your mind. Definitely don't forget to have a good laugh everyday.

I work toward aging gracefully by keeping myself busy as a member of the

Port Hope Rotary Club,  Northumberland Elder Abuse Resource Network (NEARN)Port Hope & District Chamber of Commerce. 

I offer presentations about Aging Gracefully for older adults. We have discussions on how to maintain their independence, how to prepare for ageing in place and what other options to consider. It's about being real. We need a plan in place to support us as we age. 

Sandra Dee's Mission

"To provide peace of mind results that will give older adults and family clarity, as they begin the journey into the retirement and senior care industry."

"Sandra answered not only my sisters and my questions but patiently went over all of my fathers concerns and issues he had about this move as well.
She made all three of us feel comfortable and at ease with our decision."

Age-Friendly Business Alliance
Port Hope Chamber of Commerce
Eldercare Planners of Canada
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