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Providing a Service to Help Seniors & Family With the Senior Care Industry

You're Not Alone

Many families are confused about the Senior Care Industry.

When you're faced with unexpected situations we're here to help.

  • Perhaps you notice your loved one is becoming forgetful, less social and they are complaining about being lonely.

  • You may become aware that their bills are unpaid, they are not preparing their meal or using the groceries that you shopped for the previous week. 

  • An unexpected hospital visit and temporary respite stay is required.

  • You realize they are not safe to stay alone any longer.

  • What are the retirement living options? 

  • If Long-Term Care is required and not available. What other options are available? 


Call or text Sandra 905-242-5322 lets have a conversation.

As an Eldercare Planner, I'm here to listen, learn, support and navigate for you. 

  • Sandra Dee for seniors will remove the confusion, give you clear information and provide direction so you can begin your search for yourself or your loved one. 

      Or- you can breathe easy and let Sandra navigate and search for you. 


  • Sandra Dee will work with all parties to create a smooth transition when it's time for a change, set up home-care to maintain independence or facilitate a move into a Retirement Community or Long-Term Care.

Eldercare Planner Supporting Older Adults


When our Mom’s health started to decline it wasn’t until her second fall that we realized my 87 year old Father could no longer care for her at home. We had no idea where to turn or how to seek help. Luckily we found Sandra Dee. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, within 48 hours she had arranged for our Mom to move into a local retirement home for Respite care. Sandra guided us every step of the way and helped us navigate through the system which we knew nothing about. 

Sandra is friendly, kind and very knowledgeable and she really listened and took the time to help us find the best solution for our Mom’s situation.  She genuinely cares about older people and it is important to her that they maintain their dignity and live their life to the fullest!  If you need help making decisions about your loved ones, we highly recommend Sandra. Thanks to her, our Mom is thriving and doing better than ever in her new environment!"

-Monica J.

"Sandra’s vast experience and knowledge of seniors and the process they go through when transitioning from living independently to dependent care as well as her caring and compassionate advice and guidance was a huge help to my sister and I when deciding those life changing choices for our dad."

-Sharon A.

Port Hope Chamber of Commerce
Consultant,Navigator, Advocator for Seniors
Age-Friendly Business Alliance
Eldercare Planners of Canada
Port Hope Rotary Service Above Self
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